Aura Software Solutions, a technology professional service company, offers comprehensive services for assisting clients to identify, design, and implement computing solutions. The company focuses on shop floor, quality assurance (QA), database, and Web administration. It provides project assessment, planning, and design services; project management, implementation, product development, and administration, quality assurance and testing projects, and enhancement and support services; and customized training and deployment services.

Create: Use customer experience management software tools to help you develop and manage dynamic content and rich media, and deliver them to a variety of channels.

Target: Create more targeted campaigns and dynamically adapt content and offers based on user actions and preferences. Socialize. Make it easier for users to interact with your business and share ideas and opinions.

Integrate: Communicate throughout multiple channels such as mobile devices, other websites, social sites, kiosks and email. Link to back-office applications, cloud-based services, social sites and more.

Optimize: Use customer experience management software analytics to refine the online experience. Maximize sales opportunities, publish offers and improve content throughout all devices.